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Happy April Fool Day Wishes for Sharing

Happy April Fool Day Wishes: Thanks for landing friends, if you are searching for the best april fool day wishes for sharing with your friends and love ones then we must say you are on the right place. Here we have latest new collection of april fool day wishes for sharing, you surely going to love this place for sure. First of all we would like to wish you a very happy april fool day to all of you. Also note all the below wishes on april fool day were to share on facebook, twitter, whatsapp and other social networks also. So friends now without getting into any other query let’s directly jump into the collection of april fool day wishes, enjoy.

Happy April Fool Day Wishes 2017

If anyone praises you today for your:
Good looks
Style or
Attitude, just kick them off.
How dare they fool you before April 1st!

I may forget to wish you on Holi, Diwali or even New Year’s day. But I am very thankful to God that I remember and wish you on a very special day meant for people like you.
Happy April Fool!

I find you wise, sharp, witty, handsome, intelligent, logical and knowledgeable all through the year – but with the exception of just one day i.e., April 01. One this day, you’re a perfect fool!

New financial year, new fools.
But how can we ignore the old fools like you.
It’s a crowning moment for you. Have a rocking special day!

Dear Friend,
I am surprised at your wit, your intellect, your wisdom and your knowledge.
But more importantly, I am surprised at my false praise of you!
Happy All Fools’ day!

If people talk about your beauty, your power, your wisdom or your smartness, then just give them a tight slap…
How dare they FOOL you in advance!
Happy April Fool!

Last night, I saw you walking on the road. You simply looked amazing, your face was so innocent and you simply looked pretty cool. I couldn’t resist myself the urge to sing,
“Who let the dog out?”
Happy All Fools’ day!

Best SMS Of 1950s:

Was there a mobile phone at that time?
Use some common sense. U just start enjoying whatever is sent to U.
Happy April Fool!

A Fool is a Fool, whether it is January or February. But the ones who March into April make the best Fools. May U remain the same Fool in June & July so that yr August presence in September, October, November & December dawns a new great New Year!

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A: U r Attractive
B: U r Bright
C: U r Chic
D: U r Delightful
E: U r Extra-ordinary
F: U r Fantastic
G: U r Gracious
H: U r Hygenic
I: I am
J: Just Joking
Happy All Fools’ Day!

If today someone compliments U for yr:
Pl give a hard slap to that person.
He has no right to fool U b4 April 1st.

God made daylight & it’s called Sun;
God made entertainment & it’s called Fun;
God made nightlight & it’s called Moon;
God made you and it’s called Cartoon.
Happy April Fool!

Everything has a day;
Every dog has a day;
Every festival has a day;
Every fool too, has a day!
Hope you are enjoying yours!
Happy 1st April!

Plz Open this message on the 1st of next month.
I know Y can’t wait so accept my conrats for being teh first fool of this year.
Happy All Fools’ Day!

April 24 for Sachin;
July 01 for Lady Diana;
July 16 for Katrina Kaif;
October 11 for Amitabh;
April 01 only for you! Enjoy the day!

April Fool is a very special day because you can lie as much as you can.
Every prank is heartily accepted & no complaint shall ever be made!
Happy April Fools’ Day!

Why don’t you not believe in an April fool?
I know it. Because you were not born in April! But never mind, a fool can be born in any month.
Enjoy the moment. It’s simply meant for you!

Who’s the smart Alec in town?
“I”. You are simply the smartest


I am a fool;
I am a fool;
I am a fool;
OK OK Cool; I agree U, are a fool. Now Control urself.
April fool wishes to the cutest fool!

Dear Ms BeautiFOOL,
U are so wonderFOOL, graceFOOL, playFOOL, powerFOOL and faithFOOL. Earlier U were really respectFOOL & had a colorFOOL nature. But off late, U have been painFOOL and not so peaceFOOL. I wish U were careFOOL & helpFOOL.

April Fool

Y are U not an April fool?
Bcoz U believe in the equality of all months.
In any case, enjoy yr day bcoz everyday is yr day.

What is common b/w fools and smart persons?

Smart compose the message for fools to circulate.
Happy April Fool!

Happy April Fool Day Pictures

Who is the smartest fool?

U. In any case, U still are a fool.
Happy “All Fools’ day”!

31st March Or 1st April, it doesn’t matter. A fool always remains a fool. Wishing U a very happy, prosperous and joyful ‘All Fools’ Day’ to ‘the King of Fools’!

Long time ago, only fools used to read my sms, and today

the history continues.
Happy All Fools’ Day!

I l
I lo
I lov
I love
I love you…
I love you a lot bcoz Maneka Gandhi says:
Love Animals!

Finally we hope friends you all enjoyed all the above collection of april fool day wishes, if you really enjoyed our collection of april fool wishes list and you want us to share more wishes on april fool day then do let us know via comments below. We again wish you a very happy april fool day to all of you, enjoy your wonderful day with your love ones, cheers.

Updated: August 8, 2016 — 4:45 pm

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